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Canadian “Forex Visionary” Reza Mokhtarian Charged With Fraud by Ontario Securities Commission

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Turkey’s Desperate President

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Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a desperate man.
A prominent member of the "Friends of Turkey" group in the European Parliament concluded that Islamism had replaced Kemalism and another cheerleader confessed: "Our dream of a European Turkey has turned into a nightmare and it is time for a wake-up call." Barack Obama, who once touted "a model partnership" between the US and Turkey and considered Erdogan a moderate Muslim leader, is also disillusioned.
There is a curious reluctance on the part of the Turkish government to carry out an in-depth investigation of the coup, but the blame has been put unequivocally on an erstwhile ally, Fethullah Gülen, a reclusive Turkish imam resident in Pennsylvania, and the cadres of his movement, which enabled Erdogan and the AKP to come to and hold power.
Since July last year Turkey has reignited its war with the PKK in the southeast, and there have been terror attacks not only from the PKK but also Turkish members of ISIL. Erdogan's overall aim, which is now within reach, is to gain parliamentary support for a constitutional change which will make him executive president but without the checks and balances of democratic rule.
Moody's has downgraded Turkey's credit rating to junk and President Erdogan has called on Turks to change their forex into lira and gold to save the economy.
Erdogan's nemesis could well be the USA. A key figure in the December 2013 corruption allegations against the Turkish government is Iranian-Turkish businessman, Reza Zarrab, who was accused of bribing ministers with millions of dollars to facilitate the export of gold to Iran to break US sanctions.
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PSA: Capital Trust Markets - Owned and operated by famous instagrammer Oceannsky is a scam

As per Forex Peace Army:
and more information about the owner Reza Mokhtarian being outted on a ferrari forum:
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Financial tips by Reza Golshahian - YouTube Forex Reza Golshahian - YouTube آموزش فارکس - قسمت دوم - آشنایی با ارزها - YouTube Curso Básico de Forex por Reza Mokhtarian OceannSky Scam - Reza Mokhtarian - @RealOceanSky - TheTradingFraternityScam Forex 101 With OceanSky

This is Reza. I was born, and raised in Iran where people are not allowed to trading Forex, we do not access to the free Internet as well, so just imagine how much is hard to look for a books, articles, and etc. After I finished my 1st master in Space System in 2011, I watched the great film " Margin Call", the key player is Kevin Spacey. The story is about when an analyst uncovers information ... View reza.h9709's profile on Forex Factory. Reza Mokhtarian is CEO and founder of Kaizen Global – a Forex education opportunity with a network marketing compensation plan.. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced today that Reza Mokhatarian of King City, Ontario has been charged with an alleged breach of the Criminal Code following an investigation by the OSC’s Joint Serious Offences Team (JSOT). Forex Factory is where professional traders connect to the forex markets, and to each other. Reza Aswin percaya bahwa Forex adalah bisnis yang sempurna dan diprediksi akan tetap kuat ke depannya. Forex tidak membutuhkan modal yang besar untuk memulai. Ketika bisnis riil terancam atau turun, bisnis pasar modal dan Forex justru naik. Kemungkinan migrasi investor dari bisnis riil terjadi cukup tinggi. Walau demikian, sangat disayangkan banyak penipuan berkedok Forex. Membedakan antara ... Reza Home RAMM Reza. Einzahlen; Kontakt; MT Web; Login; Deutsch. English; Español; Português; Türkçe; Bahasa Indonesia Reza gave this guy a fake insurance slip. Reza will go broke from his greed and continues to rip people off. Mentortips is not worth 97$ and reza never shows all his losing trades. Reza is a sells man and manipulator...will not help you get better at forex. From all the crazy stuff around reza happening i think karma catches people sooner or ... Mahmoud Reza Nazaran. Ganzes Profil ansehen. Angestellt, Forex, No Company (individual account) Tehran, Iran (Islamische Republik ) Logg Dich ein, um alle Einträge zu sehen. Werdegang Werdegang. Berufserfahrung von Mahmoud Reza Nazaran. Bis heute. Forex. No Company (individual account) Logg Dich jetzt ein, um das ganze Profil zu sehen. Sprachen Sprachen. Englisch-XING Mitglieder mit ... Jakarta, 11 April 2020, by Reza Aswin Bagi para pemula trading forex on line, sering di perdengarkan bahwa psikologi trading merupakan faktor utama sebelum memasuki bisni keuangan yang paling beresiko di dunia. Apakah psikologi trading dan apakah benar pendapat, bahwa psikologi trading itu adalah point nomor satu sebelum kita turun ke binis trading forex on line. Read More » Share. Trading ... r/Forex: Welcome to the /r/Forex Trading Community! Here you can converse about trading ideas, strategies, trading psychology, and nearly everything … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. 5. Is Ocean Sky/Reza Mokhtarian a scammer? Close. 5. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. Is Ocean Sky/Reza Mokhtarian ...

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Financial tips by Reza Golshahian - YouTube

Want To Be A Forex Master? By Ocean Sky - Reza Mokhtarian - Mentor Tips - Duration: 58:04. OceanSkyOfficial Recommended for you. 58:04. Identifying Bank Manipulation - Forex Day Trading Strategy ... Want To Be A Forex Master? By Ocean Sky - Reza Mokhtarian - Mentor Tips - Duration: 58:04. OceanSkyOfficial 21,715 views. 58:04. TIPS ON PROSPECTING FOR TRADERA - Founders Legacy - Duration: 3:55 ... آموزه های مالی جزو ضروریات زندگی هستند. پول خوشبختی نمی آورد ولی آرامش و امنیت ایجاد میکند. با اینحال در مورد ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. وبسایت از شما دعوت میشود در گروه آموزش فارکس و تحلیل تکنیکال که ... Who Is Reza Mokhtarian? What Is Forex? And How Can You Make Money With Him! - Duration: 1:05:41. OceanSkyOfficial 14,564 views. 1:05:41. THE STOCK MARKET ENTERS A NEW QUARTER - My Watchlist - 3 ... Curso Básico de Forex por Reza Mokhtarian. Kaizen Global. Contacto: Tel. (+521) 55 3247 2398 REGISTRO: قسمت دوم از آموزش فارکس سر تیترها فارکس چیست چه چیزهایی در بازار فارکس خرید و فروش میشود ...